Top 12 Weirdest Spa Treatments

David S.-March 7, 2017


People have done some pretty crazy things in the name of beauty. Like face lifts which make your face look like you are constantly surprised, or Botox which makes you look puffy, but wrinkle-free.

Regardless of the effects, people buy anything to keep their skin looking fresh and young. If you’re feeling desperate about your skin but don’t want to look surprised or puffy all the time, then here are a few odd suggestions for you.

Some of them are strange, but others are just plain gross. Be warned though, most of these spa treatments are very expensive so you may still look surprised when you get your bill.

1. Leech Therapy

Leech Therapy

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Leeches are really nothing new as they have been used in the medical world for a very long time. About forty years ago, they found out that leeches were good for skin grafts and plastic surgery.

Since then, the spas picked the treatment back up to help alleviate the toxins close to the skin.

There are lots of places in the world where you can find a few leeches to help you out, but if you choose to not wade into murky water and find them yourself, then you can pay $500 for a spa to do it instead.

What a deal! We’ll sign up as soon as leeches start sucking away fat too.