Top 24 Mind Blowing Facts About Canada

David S.-March 19, 2017


Canada is a totally secretive exotic land. Just kidding. But seriously, there’s a lot of stuff about Canada that you never knew.

Despite Canada’s reputation for being a bunch of warmongering violent people, the facts about them are really docile. It’s completely shocking.

In fact, maybe we should send this list to all of the celebrities who vowed to move there so they can see Canada and all its wonders.

We could even plan ourselves a little trip up North to visit a few of them ourselves and check out some of these oddities.

1. Longest Street In The World

Longest Street In The World

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That last mile or so to your house always seems like the longest. Almost like that one mile takes 6 days. Well, it turns out your street has nothing on the world’s longest street which happens to be in Canada.

Yonge street starts at Lake Ontario and runs north through Ontario all the way to the Minnesota border. The street is almost 1,242 miles long. Can you imagine having to drive that to get home?

There’s no way you could stay awake every time you drove on that long stretch of road. Better start stocking up on Monsters and Red Bull.