Top 14 Of The Weirdest Collections Ever

David S.-March 19, 2017


Some people are crazy. Not just a little off, but full-fledged, don’t let your kids near them, crazy. How do you sense the oddness? All it normally takes is one look inside their house.

If your gaze falls on 239 cats, porcelain dolls, TY Beanie Babies, or anything else just plain shiver-inducing, then you found one. There are some things that grown people just should not collect.

Yes, we know they said Beanie Babies would be worth a lot of money, but they’re not. So get rid of them. Or at least box those bad boys up and throw them in the attic.

Here’s a list of odd collections that are bound to make you wonder about the level of crazy.

1. David Morgan – Traffic Cones

David Morgan - Traffic Cones

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David Morgan of the UK has the biggest collection of traffic cones. He only has 137, but that’s about 2/3 of the kinds ever made! How exactly did he get those?

Isn’t it illegal to grab them off of the road? We’re really not clear on why someone would want to see construction cones all of the time and collect them.