Top 15 World Cup Moments

David S.-June 17, 2018


Russia 2018 World Cup is sure to have its amazing moments and they will be all the more special because they are happening right now. However, past World Cups moments have left their mark on the tournament as we know it with it shaped the way people look at the games the world over. Take a look at these past World Cup Moments that have gone down in history as amazing feats or memorable moments.

1. World Cup Moment 1

World Cup Moment 1

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Dutch player Johan Cruyff is famous in the Netherlands for his saying “every disadvantage has its advantage” but internationally he is known for the Cruyff Turn. In 1974 Cruyff manages to trick the Swedish defender Olsson into thinking he will shoot back inward.

Instead, this Dutch Superstar manages to turn around with the ball and has now an open shot at the goal. The golden area of Dutch football cannot have a better example of what they were capable off than this.