Walmart Customers Caught On Camera

David S.-August 25, 2015


Sometimes you just have to wonder what some people are thinking when they leave the house.  It’s one thing if you are simply stepping outside to grab the morning newspaper but it is an entirely different situation when you are going out shopping.  These people got up, got dressed, looked in the mirror and thought that these outfits were stylish enough for a trip to everyone’s favorite freak show also known as Walmart.  Take a look at these beauties and see for yourself.  We’re warning you now because it won’t be easy to keep yourself from bursting into laughter.

1: It’s All About Being Comfortable

Let’s face it.  Not too many of us enjoy a trip to Walmart but if you have to drag yourself out of bed and pick up food for the week you might as well be comfortable right?  These two people decided that they would deal with any stares and strange looks they received because no matter what they were going to wear something soft, fluffy and extremely comfortable.  Who cares if they look totally ridiculous and like they rolled out of bed and dressed in complete darkness.

All About Being Comfortable